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    Quick. Act out a scene based on who, what and how. An easy to play improv game. Spin the spinner and develop imagination and communication skills by completing the activities. Ages 5+. 2-4 Players.



    It’s a bunny break-out. A herd of hasty hoppers is headed for the hills, and its your job to halt them. Work together as a team to corral the cottontails by flicking, lifting and rolling the dice. But hop to it. There’s trouble afoot if they all escape before you can mend the fences. Wrangle the most rabbits and you’re a bunch of 24-carrot champions. Age 6+. 2 to 4 players.



    Beat the maze, break the spell. Place the 4 maze pieces inside the border of the game board as shown in the challenge. Find the path from the entrance of the maze to the gate of the castle or vice versa. The shortest solution is found in the challenge booklet. Or follow the instruction and choose to play with the dragon. A single player game. Age 3-7.



    Everything you need to play the wonderful, traditional game of hop, skip and jump. This pretty little Miss Match box contains chunky chalk, beanbag and instructions. Age 6+



    First drop. Place a fundaball inside your fundapop’s nulon launch pad. Then pop, gently open the fundapop and your ball will pop 6 feet. Add some power and it will pop over 20 ft. Finally lock, snatch the fundaball out of the air with your fundapop – like you would a regular mitt – then simply open to launch the ball again. Age 8+. 1 to 2 players. Includes 2 fundapops and 4 fundaballs.



    Enjoy playing the classic game of bingo, with this road trip edition. Spot the items on your bingo board while on the road. Age 5+. 1 – 3 players.



    Catastrophe! A mischievous mouse has snuck into the cats garden and is running away with their bowl of delicious kitty treats! Can the cats get their treats back? It’s four cats against one mouse. Looks easy, but watch out! Just when it seems like the cats have surrounded the mouse, the crafty thief slips away. Catch is a cooperative cat-and-mouse game that requires strategy, cunning and teamwork to win. Ages 6+. 2 -4 players.



    The fairies need you help! Mr Winter wants to turn the fairy garden to ice with his frosty breath. The fairies need to add the coloured jewels to the magic wand before Mr Winter freezes one of the flower. Use teamwork and strategy to move the four jewels from the flowers to the magic wand and you’ll banish Mr Winter forever. Ages 5+. 2 – 4 players



    The outrageous game that’s all kind of fun. Players team up for ‘combo’ play or ‘solo’ to compete in challenges. Challenges range from sculpting an object out of clay, to solving a picture puzzle, acting out a clue, sketching a target word or answering a fun trivia question (and more)! The first player or team to get four tokens in a row on the broad wins. Ages 7+ 2 or more players.



    Flipping Fishes is a fun family or group game. It can be played in a large or small area and is a game of hilarity & competition. The winner is the first to flip his or her fish along the race line and on to the dinner plate. Imagine you have prepared your Fishes for dinner in the frying pan and suddenly they jump out and try to escape. You cannot touch the hot fish with your fingers so you must flip your fishes with your pan onto your dinner plate. Age 3+



    Trap the Triceratops. Apprehend the Apatosaurus. Race to capture sets of matching dinosaurs in this ferociously fun card game. The bigger the set, the bigger your reward. But don’t bite off more than you can chew, or you may fall prey to a Velociraptor, a volcano, or even the dreaded T Rex. Collect the most sets and you’ll go down in prehistory. Ages 6+. 2 – 4 players.



    With millions of units sold worldwide, Carcassonne has truly become a modern classic. The game’s success rest on its simple gameplay: create a landscape where players place knights, thieves, monks and farmers in order to score the most points. Ages 7+. 2 to 5 players.

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