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  • TRUCKY 3


    Load the trucks and watch them go. Choose a challenge, select the truck and playing pieces as indicated. Then place the pieces in the cargo hold of each truck. All pieces need to fit so that none stick out over the edge of the cargo container. There is only one solution per challenge. Ages 3+. Individual player. Contains 48 challengers.



    A green banana for the younger bunch. The perfect first word game for pre-schoolers and early readers. My first bananagrams utilizes lowercase letters and word-building, combo-letter tiles to help nurture your child’s love for wordplay and word games. With multiple activities and mini games, they’ll enjoy a play-progression towards our original Bananagrams experience. Ages 4+. 1 to 4 players.



    Use the magic learning aids to help solve addition, subtraction and beginners multiplication sums in this magical game. The power of magic ensures that when you rub the cards, you can check your answers. Be the first to fill out for board ingredients to win. Ages 5+. 2 – 4 players.



    Beat the maze, break the spell. Place the 4 maze pieces inside the border of the game board as shown in the challenge. Find the path from the entrance of the maze to the gate of the castle or vice versa. The shortest solution is found in the challenge booklet. Or follow the instruction and choose to play with the dragon. A single player game. Age 3-7.



    A counting game with pluck. The baby chicks have flown the coop. Everyone help Mother Hen collect her chicks and bring them back to the chicken coop. Spin and move, count the number of spaces you travel, and collect that number of chicks. Take turns but work together. Collect at the chicks and everyone wins. Age 3+. 2-4 players.



    Compete in the classic game of tic tac toe. Once complete place all the piece into the cute, bunny bag. Ages 3+



    Introduce little ones to number with this simple and fun number game. Players connect all their number tiles in a grid using operation tiles. First player to connect all their tiles win. Ages 4+. 1 to 4 players.



    With 16 easy to learn games that playfully teach math, from counting and early numeracy to arithmetic and logic, Tiny Polka Dot is the perfect way to nurture your child’s love of math: through play. Ages 3+. 1 to 6 players.



    A collection of creative, fun, screen-free activities for families to do, together. Disconnect. Reconnect. And have some good old fashioned fun. The WeDo Game encourages families to spend time together free from phones, laptops and the TV. It’s easy to play, just pick a card at random and follow the instructions. You don’t need to be lucky or talented, and there’s no right or wrong answers. It’s about having a go, laughing and learning. Together. As a family. Ages 5-13. Contains 30 activities that can be played over and over again.



    Use the 15 shape blocks, 6 animals and 2 dice, to compete in three different games. First play the circuit game by set the blocks in repeating colours. Throw the dice and move the animals to the colour matching the dice. Or play the memory game by hiding the animals under the blocks. Throw the dice and find the matching animal shown. Or play the balancing game. Allow the children to thrown both the colour and animal dice. Either add an animal dice or colour block to the stack. Ages 3+. 1-4 players.



    Choose a challenge, arrange the blocks and towers to build your castle. Check the solution on the back of each challenge page. Build castles from towers. Age 3+. Individual player. Contains 48 challenges from easy to expert.



    Is that a snake I see slithering across the table at me? Build snakes by matching colours from head to tail. Long snakes, short snakes, purple, yellow and rainbow snakes. Finish a snake and add it to your snake pit. The player with the most snakes at the end of the game wins. Ages 4+. 2-5 Players.

Showing 1–12 of 38 results