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    Out-manoeuvre your opponents in this full-tilt action brain-builder. Arrange your tiles so that the corners connect to form an array of patterns that match a chip challenge: two colours, all numbers, three pair … but work fast – everyone plays at the same time. It’s a geometric jam that requires sharp eyes, quick thinking and nimble hands. Let the wild Skiwampus start. Ages 10+. 2-6 players.



    Quick! Try to make a word out of the letters. SMP. Sound SiMPle? In this lighting fast word game, it’s an all-out race to be the first player to shout out a word using all three cards in play. Each round starts with a different set of letters – it’s up to you to fill in the blanks. Whoever has the most cards at the end of the game is the WNR. Age 10+. 1+ players.



    Can you build a cube from the 6 ball-shaped puzzle pieces? Complete the 80 challenges from easy to expert, developing spatial insight, problem solving and planning skills. Age 10+



    Enter The Squirmish, a ridiculous rumble where creatures clash and only the strangest survive. Draft an odd squad of warriors, with names like Kittyclops, Pompaduck and Killgor the Consqueror. Each of the seventy scrappers has its own preposterous powers, so you’ll need strategy – and a bit of luck – to survive! Knock out the competition and become the beastie boss. Age 10+. 2 – 4 players.

  • SAY IT


    It’s the frantic party game where crazy combinations lead to laugh-out-loud answers. Draw a pair of prompts, and then compete to shout out the most entertaining response. What’s something sticky .. that you find in the couch cushions? Or something shocking .. you know too much about? Don’t delay it, just say it. Age 10+. 3-8 players.



    In this colourful card game, cooperation is key. Play cards to one of four piles by matching a colour or number. Work together as a team to complete a series of goals – without communicating what’s in your hand. Can you make all piles purple or orange? Every card lower than four? All cards add up to 10? There’s only one way to win before time runs out; play in cahoots. Age 10+. 2-4 players.



    Dare to discover Forbidden Island. Join a team of fearless adventures on a do-or-die mission to capture four sacred treasures from the ruins of this perilous paradise. Your team will have to work together and make some pulse pounding manoeuvres, as the island will sink beneath every step. Race to collect the treasures and make a triumphant escape before your are swallowed into the watery abyss. Ages 10+. 2 to 4 players.



    Welcome, you who have chanced to look beneath the dewy clover to uncover the secret, struggles of the Gubs. Behold this clever card game that casts you in an epic contest to build the mightiest Gub colony. Seek wisdom from The Esteemed Elder or protection from a Toad Rider as you fend off a myriad of traps, lures and other surprising events. Victory lies down an ever-changing path and no one is safe until the final card falls. Ages 10+. 2 – 6 players.



    Welcome to Tiki Island, Home to nine colourful carvings all competing to be the top Polynesian Idol. In this fast-paced strategy game, try to manoeuvre your secret tikis to the top of the line by playing the right combination of action cards. Use a Tiki Up card to move a tiki ahead in line. Tiki Topple sends opponents’ tikis trembling to the back of the pack. But watch out for the sneaky Tiki Toast cards, which knock your tikis off the board. Score the most points and call yourself the Tiki Master. Ages 10+. 2-4 players.



    Use the wooden chess pieces to complete in a classic chess match. Ages 10+



    Flip a card. Then be first to read the word. Collect the most cards to win. Ages 10+. 2+ players. Contains 100 cards with 300 words.



    Wrap your mind around this original collection of origami paper puzzle. Transform each sheet into a square shape so that only black shows on one side and only white on the other. Start off simple but the challenge increased with every crease of paper. Includes 100 captivating puzzles. Once you start folding, you wont be able to stop. Ages 10+. 1 Player. Contains 100 puzzles.

Showing 1–12 of 14 results