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    Creative, fun and engaging activities to help families with little ones discover, learn and grow. Together. It’s not easy keeping a toddler occupied – they are always on the go. The WeDo Game Toddler Edition provides fresh inspiration for parents wanting to spend more quality time together with their little ones. Thirty screen free activities have been designed to help families connect through shared experiences, promote development across key areas of childhood growth and stimulate learning in imaginative, creative and fun ways. Pick a card at random and follow the activity. Ages 2-4.



    Pull apart the pyramid. In this simple yet elegant strategy game, take turns removing one cube at a time from the pyramid stack. As cubes are pulled, others will slide down towards the base. Plan your moves carefully as the bottom-most cubes are worth big points at the end. And watch out for the cobras that may drop in and take a bite out of your score. Ages 8+. 2 – 4 players.



    Out-manoeuvre your opponents in this full-tilt action brain-builder. Arrange your tiles so that the corners connect to form an array of patterns that match a chip challenge: two colours, all numbers, three pair … but work fast – everyone plays at the same time. It’s a geometric jam that requires sharp eyes, quick thinking and nimble hands. Let the wild Skiwampus start. Ages 10+. 2-6 players.



    You’ve snuck aboard an alien ship that’s about to attack Earth and it’s up to you to stop it! Set a course for sabotage with this unique Cardventure – an interactive story that puts you at the controls. Do you reprogram the flight computer, or do you destroy the engine room? Choose wisely – your fate depends on the path you pick? Whether you play solo or with a friend, the goal is the same: find the path that uses the entire deck and save the Earth. 1+ players. Ages 8+



    Millions of possibilities and one single solution. Reconstruct the 9-piece puzzle in such a way to make all the sides match. Age 6 – 10



    Draw lines so that the fox cannot get the hens and each run has the same number of hens inside. A mini individual logic game. Contains 30 cards each with its own puzzle to solve. Ages 6 – 10.



    This edition of MindTrap contains hundreds of puzzles, mysteries, brainteasers, conundrums and tricky questions all designed to challenge the way you think.  Teams take turns answering a variety of challenging questions. The questions are written in humorous prose with a delightful twist that will make you laugh at the surprisingly simple solutions. Age 12+.  2+ players.



    In this lively card game, scramble to collect the right mix of ingredients for your guacamole recipes. With new cards constantly changing up the possibilities, playing Guacamole can be as challenging as knowing when an avocado is ripe. Can you handle the heat? Age 8+



    Quick! Try to make a word out of the letters. SMP. Sound SiMPle? In this lighting fast word game, it’s an all-out race to be the first player to shout out a word using all three cards in play. Each round starts with a different set of letters – it’s up to you to fill in the blanks. Whoever has the most cards at the end of the game is the WNR. Age 10+. 1+ players.



    Beat the maze, break the spell. Place the 4 maze pieces inside the border of the game board as shown in the challenge. Find the path from the entrance of the maze to the gate of the castle or vice versa. The shortest solution is found in the challenge booklet. Or follow the instruction and choose to play with the dragon. A single player game. Age 3-7.



    Can you build a cube from the 6 ball-shaped puzzle pieces? Complete the 80 challenges from easy to expert, developing spatial insight, problem solving and planning skills. Age 10+



    Everything you need to play the wonderful, traditional game of hop, skip and jump. This pretty little Miss Match box contains chunky chalk, beanbag and instructions. Age 6+

Showing 1–12 of 71 results