Meet our Owner, Lana

Behind the Scenes with Lana, at The Good Toy Shop

We thought it was about time you got to know something about all of us here at The Good Toy Shop, and what better way to start than with our owner! Lana took over ownership of the store last year in Feb 2018. Read on to hear what she had to say in response to our questions…

Why did you decide to buy a toyshop?

Several reasons — firstly, I am a kid at heart. I think that life is a game and you are alive as long as you have the spirit of play. Secondly, I love quality toys. I have treasured toys and books from when I was a child (and I am 50) and of the many toys and games purchase for my two boys, there are a number that will be kept for my child’s children and so on. There is no lack of mass-produced, plastic, theme-based junk out there; but a quality, well made and designed toy is completely different. I will give you an example; I bought my older son (when he was 4) a Mobilo set. He loved it and as we never seem to have enough parts, I invested $100 in a big set. That was 8 years ago. The numbers of hours my two boys have been immersed in imaginative play with Mobilo since that time could not be counted. My youngest son, now 9 years old, still plays with it weekly. From space ships to dump trucks, from robots to head-pieces. You name it – you can make it from Mobilo. Quality story books are the same. I have nightly read stories to my boys since they were infants and they are now avid readers and a quality story book can’t be missed. So when I saw a toys shop come up for sale that had hand-picked story books, quality brand toys lines (such as Mobilo, Brio, Playmobil) and a host of unique education, crafty and fun toys; I wanted to invest and assist families in Canberra to have the same joy as my own family with these products.

What is Something People Might Not Know About You?

I love card games and as a kid used to love playing cards with my grandparents and my parents.  In today’s fast world we sometimes forget to just stop and play with our loved ones.  On a recent holiday with my two boys, we played Gub, Five Crowns, Uno, Castle Keep and even regular playing cards.  Great skills for kids but also quality time to spend with those you love. Also I own goats!

What Inspires You?

What inspires me is always those who have great patience. I am an excitable person and always want to implement new programs and projects now now now.  I am inspired by those who can stay steady to a course, patiently working through obstacles and barriers, to achieve what they want, despite time.   I will be the person who is out the front with a brand new project and forging new ground, but need to always remind myself that a lot of work needs to occur to keep everything going that has already been forged. That is why I love my Good Toy Shop staff team. They keep the show on the road brilliantly.

 If You Were a Toy What Would You Be?

I think it would be something silly, colourful, a bit goofy, and something that makes you laugh. I keep thinking of those funny monkey puppets that you drape around your neck and waist and that look so alive and funny.

If Lana was a toy she would be…
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